The B'nai Mitzvah Experience


I'm often asked - For the love of ducks, how do you get a teeneger to smile?! We. Have. Fun. I take some time to get to know your mitzvah and what they enjoy. From there, I'll arrange everyone so they look good and throw out fun prompts and terrible dad jokes to get natural smiles.

I'm a self proclaimed photo ninja. And when it comes down to it, haven't you always wanted to have a ninja at your mitzvah? ;) I have a photo journalistic style which means for the most part I stay out of the way and capture pure emotion as it happens. That being said, there are instances when I do step up and give direction to make sure your photos tell a story in the best way possible.

Want to know more about the lady behind the camera? Here's what I'm all about.

I'd love to chat through your day with you! Contact me today so we can customize photography that fits your family :)