Newborn FAQ


Newborn sessions are done within the first 2 weeks of life to get those precious sleepy baby photos so it’s best to contact me as soon as possible. Based on your due date, we’ll pencil in a session. When baby arrives, let me know and we can adjust the date if needed.

Every baby is different and to allow time for feeding/changing, each session is about 3-4 hours.

There are two options:

  • Your Home: I can include all of those personal elements into the photographs including the nursery. An additional $50 charge is applied for newborn session at your home vs my studio space.
  • My Home Studio: Ensures you have access to all my blankets and props instead of a selected amount. I do still encourage you to bring personal items from home to add a unique look to your session.


All of the following are guidelines, at the end of the day your newborn runs the show and if they don’t want to follow everything to the tee, then don’t stress! We will have a wonderful session either way.

  • Giving your newborn a sponge bath the same day as yur session will minimize any flakey skin.
  • Try to keep them awake 2 hours before hand so they are well tuckered out for their session.
  • If your session is at your home, feed them upon my arrival to get them ‘milk drunk’. By the time I’m set up and ready to go they should be out.
  • If your session is at my studio, feed them upon arrival to the studio.

Don't worry about picking out clothes, unless there is something of sentimental or religious value. About an hour before your session place a loose diaper on them to avoid indentations on their skin and wrap them in a swaddle. This will make it easier to transition them from clothes to the shooting space. Also good are hats. All babies look insanely adorable in hats.

If you'd like to be! If you don't want to have your photo taken, I would recommend at least holding/touching the baby or having him/her grasp onto your fingers in some shots. This not only illustrates the smallness of the newborn, but creates a very nice family image. Make sure to wear solid colors, and have clean & groomed nails.